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bullet ON THE RECORD, 1940's resource of original scanned information--newsletters, speeches, press releases, official documents and reports
bullet WASP Uniforms: Color picture of WASP Uniforms
bullet USAF Regulation 40-9: Wearing of the WASP Uniform  (PDF file...original page size for printing: 5" x 8")
bullet Letter from Jacqueline Cochran invitation to  interview w/ Miss Cochran to become a trainee
bullet US Army Bases: where WASP were stationed during WWII, including missions assigned at each base
bullet WASP Roster --excel file--searchable (MS Explorer only)
bullet WASP Roster -- pdf
bullet WASP Statistics: training and deployment stats including pay, entrance requirements
bullet B-26 Checklist: OFFICIAL CHECKLIST carried by all B-26 pilots
bullet Letter from B-29 Pilot: thanking  WASP for showing him that the B-29 was 'flyable'
bullet Night Flying Instructions: carried by cadets in  training
bullet Radio Map of Abilene, Texas
bullet Army Airforces Diploma: the official 'Diploma" given to WASP