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HISTORY of Uniforms & printable graphics page

Army issue mechanic's coveralls--worn by the WASP trainees to fly in. They came in ONLY men's sizes--and the trainees had to roll up the sleeves and pants legs.

"General's" pants, white shirt were worn by the very first classes as their 'dress' uniforms for graduations. Also worn with A-2 leather jacket w/ Fifi patch on left front.

Santiago Blue in color and including skirt and belted blazer, beret, white shirt and tie. WASP were the only women in WWII to have berets. Black leather purse was one of the first 'over the shoulder' bags. Official uniform hardware included WASP Wings, prop & wings, Army Air Force patch and the W.A.S.P. hardware on the lapel.

WASP Flying Uniform --Eisenhower jacket and slacks--worn with blue shirt and tie. Uniform hardware the same as dress uniform--only one "W.A.S.P" worn on collar and one prop and wings worn on opposite collar.

Heavy leather suits--in mens sizes only. Worn by trainees and ferry pilots--when flying in cold weather or open cockpit aircraft.

Wearing of the WASP Uniform
History of the WASP Uniform w/ graphics
WASP Uniform Paper Dolls

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