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Air Force Museum's WASP Pages--really nice chronology of WASP history in outline form with articles & pictures
Final Flight  a place we remember WASP who have passed away
FLYGIRLS OF WWII--Wings Across America's Traveling Exhibit --MORE INFORMATION
Fly Girls--excellent companion website to the PBS Documentary--much more than just the video--including an interactive 'Ferrying Map" and lesson plans   ***FLASH MOVIE, QUICK TIME MOVIE, ADOBE PDF READER
NASA--Johnson Space Center Oral History Archives:   WASP Dawn Seymour, WAF Florene Watson & group transcript w/ WASP Helen Snapp, Marge Sizemore, Doris Hamaker, Mary Ann Gordon, Marty Wyall and WAF Teresa James.  (transcripts available online)  *ADOBE PDF READER to view the transcripts
National WASP WWII Museum ---learn more about the field were over 1,000 WASP earned their wings!
TWU Official WASP Archives   Listing of all the WASP Archival Collections and listing of WASP who have given oral history interviews, bibliography, links, photo collection, short WASP history, WASP Endowment description, and hours of operation.
WASP on the WEB--over 2,000 'pages' of resources on the WASP including original Records, original Newsletters,  WWII Timeline, Glossary, WASP-WWII STORES, Digital Photo Bin, Audio & Video Clips, WASP Cartoons, Scrapbooks, Marching Songs, WWII Posters, WASP Roster, Interactive Arcade of  games and puzzles, downloadable articles written by and about WASP, links to Books, Base list, Planes flown by WASP, Inspirational WASP Quotes, WASP Museum Exhibits List, Links, and other resources.****FLASH, QUICKTIME MOVIE, REAL PLAYER, ADOBE PDF READER
WASP ORAL HISTORIES ONLINE--TWU's pdf files with WASP interviews. This wonderful resource will continue to grow.
Wings Across America  a multi-media project with Baylor University to document the history of the WASP online and inspire generations to come. Wings Across America is a PARTNER with the Veteran's History Project, Library of Congress
"Women Heroes'   Andy Hailey's site with pages on his mom and many more WASP, WWII accident reports, letters from WASP relatives, reunion pictures.  Andy continues to publish information--and this site continues to grow. 
Women in WWII--Cal State Fullerton's WASP oral history collection including Katherine Brick, Iris Critchel, Marjorie Dresbach, Pearl Judd, Barbara London, Joyce Secciani, Alice Jean Turner
"Captain Barb's WASP page"--short page of history of the WASP
WASP Charlene Creger--Ken Arnold's page honoring a WASP from class 44-w-10 
Cornelia Fort ... a tribute to his aunt by Dudley Fort, Jr.--a great resource on a true pioneering woman pilot.  Cornelia joined Nancy Love and the WAFS of the 2nd Ferrying Group at Newcastle Army Air Base, Delaware in September of 1942.   On a ferry mission in a BT-13, she lost her life in a mid-air collision March 21, 1943, near Abilene, Texas.  She was the first casualty of a woman pilot on duty and her story is fascinating. 
WASP Hazel Ying Lee--the site about WASP Hazel Ying Lee and the video
WASP Margaret J. Ringenberg  A tribute to a WASP who still flies! 
Stephen McDonald's WASP Page--fictional 'a day in the life of a WASP trainee'
WASP B.J. Williams, -- the "Women Firsts" 1999 Women in Aviation Calendar Page

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