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Find out more about the WASP, Women in Aviation, Flying  and WWII from these sites:

  • Fiddler's Green -- fabulous paper airplanes-- really complicated and terrific looking planes!
  Aviation Museums (Online) Aviation Museum Locator (map of US with all the aviation museums!) 
  • KALAMAZOO AIR ZOO--wonderful museum, co-founded by WASP Suzanne Parish--GREAT FOR KIDS!
Aviation History
  • B-26.com--a site dedicated to one of the favorite planes of the WASP!


  • Survivors of the Shoah Founded by Steven Spielberg in 1994, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to videotaping and archiving interviews of Holocaust survivors all over the world.  As of  November 10, 1999, the Foundation had conducted interviews with 50,441 survivors! The entire collection is now part of the University of Southern California Visual History Archive.



CLICK HERE WASP sites and single page tributes

Women in Aviation

  • Mercury 13, The Women of the Mercury Era (including one WASP!) 

Misc Sites

  • AOPA--Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association--great group