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First and foremost, I apologize beforehand to the boistress singing WASP who may take offense at my censorship. The colorful language in some of the songs has been censored so that we could keep our PG rating.

We get many visitors from elementary schools and we'd like to keep this site suitable for ANYONE to visit... substituted words are in quotes.

These are either original WASP songs or songs with familiar tunes and WASP words!

INTRODUCING THE 'MARCHING SONGS OF THE WASP' CD...  12 songs -- recreated by the Kappa Kappa Gammas of Baylor University, and one WASP RAP, written by WASP Deanie Bishop Parrish and arranged and performed by Wings Across America Director, Nancy Parrish! 



The WASP Song

The Army Air Corps Song

Buckle Down, Fifenella

Deep in the Heart of Texas*

Do You Have Your Wings?

The Gay Desperado

Gee, Mom, I Want To Go Home

Goin' Back to Where I Come From

I 'm A Flying WreckM*

Hymn to Avenger

I've Got Sixpence

I Wanna Be A Miss H.P. *

The Mess Hall Song Roll out the Airplanes *

Rugged But Right

Show Me *

Swinging On A Star  *  

We Got The Stuff, The RightStuff *

We Were Only Only Fooling Yankee Doodle Pilots *

You'll Go Forth *

Zoot-Suits and Parachutes  *


* songs included on the CD

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