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bullet WASP were the FIRST women in America's history to fly American military aircraft
bullet WASP voluntarily put their lives 'on the line' in an experimental program to prove that women could successfully fly military aircraft
bullet In less than 2 years, WASP flew 60 million miles in every type aircraft in the Army Air Force arsenal--from the fastest fighters to the heaviest bombers
bullet WASP flew every type mission any Army Air Force male pilot flew during World War II, except combat.
bullet WASP were stationed at 120 Army Air Bases across America.
bullet WASP were used as examples to fly B-26s and B-29s to prove to male pilots they were safe to fly.
bullet WASP freed male pilots for combat
bullet WASP are role models for today's female pilots and astronauts
bullet They forever changed the role of women in aviation



25,000 applied, 1,830 were accepted into training and only 1,074 earned their silver wings and, together with 28 WAFS, became WASP.


They paid their own way to go into training and, when disbanded, they paid their own way back home.


38 WASP and trainees were killed flying for their Country.  They received no recognition, no honors, no benefits, no gold star in the window, and no American flag allowed to cover their coffins.

bullet Classmates & friends took up collections to help pay for burial.
bullet WASP never received the military status they were promised, even though many were sent to Officer's Training School.
bullet WASP were unceremoniously deactivated in 1944 without benefits and little thanks.
bullet After they were disbanded in 1944, their records were sealed and marked 'classified' or 'secret' and stored in the archives for over 30 years.
bullet Historians had no access to the records and accomplishments of the WASP...so, the WASP were left out of most official histories of WWII.
bullet They were denied Veteran's status for 35 years
bullet Their medals and official notification of Veteran's status came in the mail.
bullet WASP can only be buried at Arlington National Cemetery as 'enlisted', not with officer's honors.
bullet In 1994, an airplane at Lackland AFB was dedicated to the WASP and, in 1999, was repainted in the "Korean conflict' colors and re-dedicated to a Korean war hero.
bullet Despite General Hap Arnold's pledge that the Air Force 'would never forget them'--it did, and so did America.