Inspiration from the WASP
 from the Wings Across America interviews

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"You either had a chance of doing it or go home. Those who wanted transfers went home!  We did what we were assigned to do...with no regrets!"
Ruth Thomason Florey, 43-w-4

"Help me remember, Lord, that nothing is going to happen today
 that you and I can't handle together."
Sylvia Dahmes Clayton, 43-w-5

The main thing in my life is: 'TELL THE TRUTH!'  Other than that, just persevere...never give up...just keep plugging...(but) that's what I would say is my one think, TELL THE TRUTH!"
Betty Archibald Fernandes, 43-w-3

Glamour, hell, it was hard work!"
My favortie word?  Honor!  Oh, honor!  That to me is more than a word.
 I mean, that's a way of life. ...I'd die for honor!"
Shutsy Reynolds, 44-w-5

"It is natural for a person to seek happiness in life.  However, I believe that this desirable aim is never achieved if one attempts to find it directly.  Instead, happiness is found indirectly as a by-product from devoted service to the lives of others."
Marie Mountain Clark, 44-w-1

"How to reach a youngster with the proper words…would fail me…I can’t  know what  would reach them.  I can only tell them the one thing that somebody told me…anything you want to do, you can do…anything…and believe it. ... you can do it.  Don’t let people tell you you can’t…don’t let people tell you you aren’t good enough.  Be good enough.”  Gayle Snell, 44-w-9

Never say 'No.'  You might miss something!
Lillian Epsberg Goodman, 43-w-5

"You don't need legislation to prove can be whatever you set your heart and head to be, and don't let anybody tell you you can't be, because 1078 women pilots did it in World War II."    
Annelle  Henderson  Bulechek  44-w-2

"Do not undervalue your abilities.  You have ability that you haven't had a chance to use.  now, find something you want to use 'em on and then get after it!"  
 Florene Miller Watson  -- WAFS

"Put God first, family next, and then do whatever you want to do, or whatever's needed.  The sky's the limit. When you're needed, be there.  You can do anything with God's help."
Marion Stegeman Hodgson, 43-w-5

"Failure is not always failure. Sometimes, it's simply a change in direction.  Count your many blessings, and move on!'
Deanie Bishop Parrish, 44-w-4

"How do I feel about being a WASP?  Out of nothing, it made me something, because it gave me the courage to try anything! 
(You've got to) make your own opportunities!"
Charlyne Creger, 44-W-10

"...we all set our own priorities.  As you go through life, maybe your priorities need to be an artist, or maybe a musician, or any field you can think of.  It doesn't have to be aviation.  if you want to do anything in life badly enough, you can do it!"
Betty Haas Pfister, 43-w-5

"The future holds so much for you.  If you can have a goal and dream that you want to fulfill, just do your best, and you'll be able to do it!  ... (but you've got to) set your goals HIGH!"
Sandy Sandford Thompson, 43-w-5

  You want to be the next 'Greatest Generation?'  Then, return to the values that we lived by in 1942, 1944: "sexual relations are for marriage, marriage is for life, there's a right and a wrong, you are responsible for your own actions...and a strong faith in God. 
Ruth Dailey Helm, WASP 

"...100 years from now, none of us is going to be here and there's going to be a whole new generation...and if we have not passed on the ideals that make a country, that make a nation, that make a people, then there's not going to be anymore people!  (As for me, I want my life to be) a legacy of love!"
Anita Paul (aka Sister Teresa)  44-w-6

"...if they don't know history, if they don't place any importance on history, we're in trouble, because history is so just the history of women, the history of our country!"
Doris Brinker Tanner, 44-w-4