SILVER WASP WINGS--worn by 1,074 women during WWII  (out of 25,000 who applied and 1,830 who  were accepted) who successfully completed  the Women Airforce Service Pilot training  program. 

In 1943, thanks to Jacqueline Cochran, the first classes of WASP graduates were  awarded wings, ending another controversary of 'should these women pilots be given Army Air Corps Wings?'  Jackie knew how important winning their wings was to these young women...and so she picked up the bill1. Official WASP wings from 43 W-8 to 44 W-10--there were 2 versions of these wings  used.  The difference was in the cut of the feathers, but the main *LOZENGE in the center was the same for both designs.
  wing2 Wings worn by the first classes to graduate from the Army Air Corps training program --paid for by director, Jacqueline Cochran. These WASP  wings WFTD (Women's Flying Training Detachment) for the first classes were the same as the aviation cadets--with the shield in the middle 'sanded down' and the class number added. They remained the same design  with slight variations from 43 - W-1 to43 - W-7.
wing1 Women pilots originally flying for the Ferry Command wore these regulation ACT Civillian Pilot Wings.  These WAFS were later incorporated into the WASP.
more detailed information on the official wings
from WASP Florence Shutsy Reynolds (silver artist):

The regulation WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) are smaller than the standard AAF or the USAF pilot wings
The lozenge replaced the shield rather than being superimposed. 
The lozenge is satin finish rather than the high polished lozenge on the 43-W-8 wings.

Metal: Sterling silver
Weight (troy) 16.0 to 17.8 grams
Manufacturer Josten (name changed to JOSTENS after WWII.)
Length 2.75”
Width 0.875”
The attributes of Finish Wing is oxidized; lozenge is satin finished.
Fasteners Two clutch backs spaced 2” apart.
The back of the WASP wing contains the clues for determining authenticy of this item. 
Lozenge area is indented 1/32”; indentation is 11/16” high and 11/32” wide. To correctly identify the original WASP Wings, manufacturer information is stamped, indented and located right of the center line near the bottom edge. 
JOSTEN is 1/32” high x 3/16” length; STERLING is 1/32” high x 15/64” length.

WASP wing badge was copyrighted by the Order of Fifinella (OOF) 6 December 1978. 
Copyright was later registered with the WASP WWII when the OOF was dissolved.


*The SYMBOL in the center of the WASP Wings 

1. The 'diamond shape' legend was passed down from WASP, written in books and even posted on this website for several years. The explaination of why a diamond and what it stands for was, at the least, conjecture. While in training, WASP were told that the diamond symbolized the shield carried by Athena, Goddess of War. However, no documentation can be found to support this. Although investigation reveals that the shield was reflective (shiny) silver, all renderings and represntations for the sheild indicate that it was round.

2. The LOZENGE was an important symbol for 'woman' in heraldry. It is possible that this symbol was used to indicate 'women' pilot wings. However, again, there is no documentation to support this. More information on the Lozenge can be found online.